Julie Lee & Hugo Ternes

  Welcome to the 24th annual Southwest Polka Party - 2015!! We have all of our bands hired for 2015 and we think we have a super line-up for next year.

  First off, the Joey Tomsick Orchestra from Ohio will be joining us with their Cleveland Style of music. Joey plays a great accordion as well as button-box and is joined by his band members who play drums, saxophone, bass and vocals.

  Second, we have John Stehle and the Alpine Polkadots from Thornton, Colorado. This is a family band made up of dad, mom and their two sons. They are a very talented bunch of musicians who play a variety of different instruments. You’ll also get a taste of that dutch-hop music with this band.

  Third, we have a Canadian Band – “The Fugitives” – who will give the festival a completely new style of music. Along with the traditional waltzes and polkas, they also bring their signature country style of music. In this band a fiddle is the lead instrument, as is very common in Canadian bands. Mix that with great vocals and you have “The Fugitives.”

  Fourth, we are very happy to bring to you the Top Notchmen from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. They have appeared at Southwest Polka Party many times and they have always been a favorite crowd pleaser. They are a husband and wife team who feature keyboard, accordion and vocals.

  Fifth, is our band – Julie Lee & her White Rose Band. Our group plays a wide variety of dance music using sax, clarinet, accordion, guitar, and banjo. We will be doing our “tribute to the veterans” on Wednesday as per the band schedule.

  We are now taking reservations for Southwest Polka Party 2015. You can email me at julielee@whiteroseband.com or give me a call at 701.367.9696 to reserve your seat. Hotel reservations must be made separately by calling the Orleans at the phone number on the flyer. Make sure you give the reservation code and mention Southwest Polka Party when you call.

  See you in Vegas!!

-Julie Lee & Hugo Ternes

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